Configuring player information forwarding

Velocity supports forwarding information about your players to your servers, such as IP addresses, UUIDs, and skins. Velocity supports two different methods for forwarding player information to your servers:

  • modern forwarding is a Velocity-native format. It forwards all player information in an efficient binary format and ensures that nobody tries to trick the server into impersonating your Velocity proxy. However, it is only available for Minecraft 1.13 or higher.
  • legacy forwarding is the player information forwarding protocol used by BungeeCord. This is extremely compatible across all Minecraft versions that Velocity supports, but requires proper configuration to ensure that nobody pretends to be your proxy by using a firewall or a plugin like IPWhitelist.

Configuring modern forwarding

Currently, only build 377 and above of Paper 1.13.1+ support Velocity’s modern forwarding.

To use modern forwarding with any supported server implementation, set the player-info-forwarding setting in velocity.toml to modern. You must also change the forwarding-secret setting to a unique secret. You then need to ensure your server is properly configured to use modern Velocity forwarding.


To allow Paper to understand the forwarded player data, in your paper.yml, set settings.velocity-support.enabled to true and settings.velocity-support.secret to match the secret in your velocity.toml. You must also set to the online-mode setting in your velocity.toml. Once you’re done editing paper.yml, reboot your server.

Configuring legacy BungeeCord-compatible forwarding

If you need to use legacy BungeeCord-compatible forwarding, simply set your player-info-forwarding setting in velocity.toml to legacy. You will also need to make sure your server is properly configured to understand the data.


Legacy BungeeCord-compatible forwarding allows anyone to pretend they are your proxy and allow them to log in under any username or IP address! You must make sure that you have a firewall set up on your servers or use a plugin such as IPWhitelist to make sure your servers are protected.

Spigot / Paper

To make Spigot or Paper understand the data forwarded from Velocity, set settings.bungeecord to true in your spigot.yml and then reboot your server.


To configure Sponge to understand the data forwarded from Velocity, set modules.bungeecord to true and bungeecord.ip-forwarding to true in your config/sponge/global.conf file, and then restart your Sponge server.